Supervisor Training Program - Refresher

This skill set has been developed for participants looking to obtain a skill set enabling them to undertake the role of and perform the duties and position requirements of a Mine Safety & Health Representative as detailed in the Coal Mining Safety & Health Act 1999 and the Mining and Quarrying Safety & Health Act 1999.

Course Details


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Units of Competency

  • RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes
  • RIIWHS301D Conduct Health and Safety Investigations
  • RIICOM301D Communicate Information


Course Information

RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes
This unit covers the application of the processes and tasks to conduct inspections and to identify, analyse, assess risks, recommend treatment, and contribute to implementation of treatments and to monitor risks.  It also covers participation in the preparation, testing and documentation of site working instructions or equivalent.

RIIWHS301D Conduct Health and Safety Investigations
This unit covers the application  of safety and health investigative  processes at the operational level,  including the identification and  collection of evidence, the analysis  of evidence to identify the reasons  for and results of the occurrence or  situations, and the identification and  documentation of courses of action to  resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence  of the issues or problems.

RIICOM301D Communicate Information
This unit covers the function required to effectively communicate information with other persons in the mining industry. This includes communicating verbally, communicating in written and report form, participating in meetings, making presentations, and participating in operational level negotiations.


Certificate Issue

All competent students will receive a Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of the above units of competencies which forms partial completion of the RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations.



As a prerequisite, all participants must submit a copy of their previous qualification which must be within five years of the issue date.