We provide training courses to help individuals obtain the skills and qualifications required to safely work—and stay up-to-date with changing standards—in the resource sector and beyond.

Onsite / Workplace Training

We deliver training and facilitate site inductions on various mine sites across Australia. Our trainers all have extensive industry experience and knowledge and are able to customise and contextualise their training courses to meet a site or company’s unique requirements.

Our flexible delivery approach and industry-experienced, engaging trainers are what sets Coal Train apart from other RTO’s: we have the skills to work with our clients to develop programs and course structures that are tailored to suit each clients’ specific site procedures, policies, forms and documentation.

We have two mobile training trailers which are utilised for the practical aspects of the Working at Heights, Confined Spaces and Conduct Lifting Operations Training. This allows flexibility and the possibility to train at your workplace without having to use a site workshop for the course practicals.

We organise training around your requirements. We are able to supply a trainer to facilitate training upon company request. We have a range of Trainers who vary from full time to casual and have the flexibility to arrange training around rosters and client availability.

Coal Train facilitate training at a cost effective and competitive manner. Our course pricing is generally the most competitive in each area of training that we facilitate.  Coal Train offer an individual fee for participants attending public courses in Blackwater and Yeppoon along with a daily rate for site-based training. The daily rate for training at site includes all aspects of the training such as travel, accommodation, trainer, resources and electronic certificate issue.