Non-Accredited Excel/Word Course

This course will enable participants to utilise specific Microsoft Excel applications to complete tasks associated with their daily work activities as well as learn where to look for additional help to use software specific functions required.

Price: $250
Duration: 1 day
Delivery mode: face to face

What the course covers

  • Understand and use a range of common worksheet functions
  • Understand and utilise Absolute Referencing
  • Organise a database list by advanced filtering and subtotalling
  • Utilise Conditional Formatting to change cell appearance
  • Create and modify charts to create static dashboards
  • Add data labels to a chart
  • Create a Pivot table
  • Create a macro
  • Hiding a column
  • Set a print range for the worksheet
  • Smart tags
  • Understanding a simple formula
  • Enter a basic formula
  • Understanding functions
  • Document Toolbar functions
  • Drop don menus
  • Inserting pictures
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Edit tabs
  • Quick parts
  • Header and footers