ACDC - Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control

In Queensland an Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control (ACDC) / Commercial Operators licence is required for those who ground spray herbicides with a powered machine as part of a job on land they don’t own or occupy.



Course information

ACDC – Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control includes consists of three units of competency include theory and practical application. These three units have been chosen by the Department of Primary industries to meet skills and knowledge required to be able to apply to hold an ACDC unrestricted Licence.


Units of competency

  • AHCCHM307 Prepare and Apply Chemicals to Control Pest, Weeds and Diseases.
  • AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals
  • AHCPMG301 Control Weeds


Certificate Issue

All competent students will receive a Statement of Attainment upon successful completion of the above units of competency.

On successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply for a Queensland Commercial Operator’s Licence (COL), also known as an ACDC Licence.

Further information regarding Ground Distribution licensing