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Peter Tann

Peter is Coal Train’s Principal Trainer/Assessor and has been a Trainer/Assessor for over 20 years in the Aviation, Metalliferous and Coal Industries. He has previously filled various operational, engineering and training roles in the Coal Industry. Like all of the Trainer and Assessors at Coal Train, Peter’s combination of industry and training experience really sets him apart,

“All training I deliver comes with 10 years experience in open cut and underground mining environments. I believe it’s essential when training that the trainer has actually been there and faced the challenges that could potentially arise within each participant’s workplace.
I am passionate about not only delivering training, but also sharing my skills and experience to motivate workers to ensure they own ’safety in the workplace’.”

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Coal Train believe training is at the forefront of safety, communication and development. It is the Coal Train vision to partner training departments within the resource sector to ensure they have the tools to manage compliance and implement effective training.