Barry Andrews & Craig Holmes

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Barry Andrews & Craig Holmes

Coal Train Facilitators Barry Andrews (pictured) and Craig Holmes have between them over forty years’ experience in the mining industry.  Both are Trainers and Assessors who specialise in working on site with training departments. Not only are they experienced, professional trainers, their strong understanding of on-site operations and procedures make them outstanding compliance managers. Consultants such as Craig and Andrew ensure Training Departments are kept abreast of industry changes and advised on the most efficient way to ensure all employees are compliant, informed and well trained.

“Regardless of the industry in which you work, safety and good communication have to be a priority. It’s important to work  as a team, understand your individual role and be aware of policy and procedure. These systems are put in place to ensure safe practice while maximising productivity. A trainer’s job is to instil an understanding of this process.”

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Coal Train believe training is at the forefront of safety, communication and development. It is the Coal Train vision to partner training departments within the resource sector to ensure they have the tools to manage compliance and implement effective training.